Depending on your positioning in the Web market, your international exhibition is becoming more and more indispensable. In your strategy of development and acquisition, it is sometimes necessary to broaden your audience but also that it understands you. For this, you absolutely need a multilingual solution and therefore to translate your website. The translation solutions are numerous according to the technologies but they often require a lot of time. Whether it is to understand how to integrate it in its CMS for example but also to make the translation of its site. You can quickly find yourself in a long and costly process depending on our needs. Following these different observations, I would like to introduce you to the solution: Weglot Translate.

Weglot Translate

A multilingual solution

You will understand, Weglot Translate is SaaS solution (Software as a Service) to make its website multilingual. Once plugged in with your API key that you can recover by Registering on their site, your site will be translated immediately! They use a technique that inspects your HTML DOM to extract the different sentences to be able to translate them. For this to be done as quickly, no mystery, it's automatic translation. This allows you to get a complete translation of your website in a click of a finger. Therefore, you will be free to change your translations to your account Weglot Translate. So we have the possibility to have automatic translations but also manual.

How much does Weglot Translate cost?

Like many SaaS solutions, you will pay for consumption (per month or per year). You can find Price details on their rates page. What you should remember is that you will pay the number of words that are translated.

There is a free plan which, in my opinion, serves only to discover the solution because it only proposes 2000 words. If you take the example of a blog with articles that average 500 words, you will end up paying as soon as your 4th item. But don't get me wrong, the speed of execution and the potential gain of this tool for your business are largely profitable.

For example, take a site Shopify which makes 100% of its turnover in France in the order of €1000/month. If an international opening with the English language offers you a potential increase of 200% of your turnover per month (yes, the French market is relatively small against the international), then you will not lose €50/month for Translate your shop but well earn 1 950 €/month more!

Obviously, everything is measured and there is no point in paying a tool that does not allow you to make a return on investment. But this is true for this solution as for all other SaaS.

Saving time or money should be enough to justify the use of a SaaS solution

Weglot Translate's Technologies

List of Weglot-Shopify, WordPress and other integrations.

In order to use Weglot Translate, there are several solutions.

  • Either you use their JavaScript client
  • Or you use integration according to your technology

The approach of the JavaScript client is not necessarily the most interesting since you will not be able to index your translated pages. I would advise you instead to use integrations that they have developed according to different CMS that will allow to get the indexing of your translated pages. This is the difference between a "client side" and "Server Side" technology.

Luckily, they already have a lot of choices with:

I was talking to you just now about an example of an ecommerce site to justify the price and choice of this solution. With the ability to translate your WordPress site (+ WooCommerce) or your site Shopify for these 2 CMS-type solutions, Weglot translate covers an incredible market! If you make "tailor-made" with Symfony or Ravel, there is a package for each of them to integrate.

Think that by using their solution with your Shopify site for example, you have a strong chance of being able to increase your sales. Weglot Translate integration with Shopify is also optimized for multilingual referencing. Your Shopify e-commerce site is indexed in several languages while respecting Google SEO good practices and translated pages have their own dedicated URLs.

Weglot Translate features

With Weglot translate, you will find two types of features:

In terms of integrations, we usually find the same opportunities on each of them. On the WordPress Plugin, I propose to you already to discover the possibility ofExclude a page from translations.

Dashboard Weglot Translate

The Weglot translations list
Weglot Translate translation List

The dashboard of Weglot translate allows you to do your translations but also to set a few options on your project you are working on.

At the translation list, you will see all the channels that they have retrieved that you will be able to translate according to the languages you have requested. On the left is the original language (English on the screenshot) that can not be altered and, on the right (French on the screenshot), the associated translation. We also see that there can be 2 possibilities: machine translated (machine translation) or human reviewed (human translation).

Currently, I try to use at least the list of translations because I find it uncomfortable to use. The real potential is at the moment in the visual editor they offer. You end up with your site that opens in their application and you can edit what you want by passing your mouse over the different words/channels you want to translate.

You will also be able to use their "Translation tools". You can see this as a tool box on your project in order to handle generic/specific cases on your site.

  • Handle Exceptions in Translations
  • Make a search/replace on your project

I use exceptions quite regularly in terms of translations because it can happen that a French acronym is not the same in English. For example, HIV in French is said to be HIV in English. We accelerate our translations using this system.

Weglot Translate integrations

As explained above, Weglot Translate has several integrations. I had the opportunity to test more in depth Shopify And Wordpress.

The vital minimum is to have to enter your API key, your original language and your destination languages. There is not a plethora of features but I do not think there is necessarily more need.

In WordPress, you can To exclude pages from the translation Or blocks, change the visual of your language selector and add custom CSS. They also thought about being able to position the button in a WordPress Menu, a Widget or using the famous shortcode.

The ideal is then to discover the rest by your care and I strongly encourage you. Weglot Translate is really a very good product to translate its website. I will never say it enough but today it is important to have an international strategy based on its sector of activity on the Internet. And if you ask the question of the interest of translating his website, then I let you read this post where I talk about The importance of translating a website.